Google Targeting CodeGirls

“You’re not smart enough to code.”

“Don’t you want to do something more your speed? Like home ec.”

“Girls shouldn’t code. Looking too smart is intimidating to men.”

You’d be surprised how often I heard similar sentiments at my women’s college. It’s a sad fact that a majority of companies are still failing to recruit female coders. Everywhere we look, coders are represented as males dressed in either flannel and flip flops or polo shirts and pocket protectors.

In an attempt to change the “optics” and  attract a new female generation of coders, Google has partnered with Lesley Chilcott from “Waiting for Superman” and “An Inconvenient Truth” on a new documentary called “CODEGIRL.” The doc follows 5000 girls from 60 countries as they compete for an entrepreneurship.

The girls have three months to develop an app that attempts to solve a problem in their local community. In the film, they size up their competition, interact with teachers and local mentors, learn to code, and pitch their ideas all in hopes of winning $10,000 in funding and support.

Until November 5th, Chilcott’s will be available on YouTube for free. But that shouldn’t stop you from seeing it in theaters and taking your daughter, niece, or neighbors daughter along with you. Use the hashtag #rallyforcodegirl to show your support


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