It’s been a long summer

Ever had an ideal summer in your mind? You set your goals. You prep for it. Then you step out on faith that all your plans will come to fruition. This was me. I put Ladybug into daycare and KidWonder into camp. My goal: write daily and find a 9 to 5 job.

Then summer came. And Murphy tagged along. Planning my days around my kids has been something I’ve since my son was born. 9 years is a long time to put someone else’s needs before your own. The summer was supposed to be about figuring out how to be me outside of my Mommydom. Unfortunately, it seemed that whenever I scheduled anything outside of the home, I would hear a cough or sneeze or get a call from camp about an injury. My plans would fizzle and die.

I’ll paraphrase something I heard on West Wing: Being a parent is hard. It’s supposed to be. But I just wish it was a little bit easier.

I’m not afraid to be selfish every once in awhile. I know that it’s a necessity for my sanity and my mom brain. But I sometimes feel like I don’t even have time to be selfish! Between daycare, camp, Little League drama, various illnesses, and two deaths in my husband’s family, the summer seemed to go from last-day-of-school to back-to-school.

Luckily, my part-time job is willing to give me more hours in the afternoon and evening. I’m still getting back to writing, but it’s slow going. Hang in there with me as I get back to it. It may be sporadic posts for a while. Like you hadn’t noticed.

Here’s to a more productive fall.



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