March Reflection – Goals and Black Girls

My soul is full. Full of dread. Full of fear. And it’s twofold. I’m dreading April as I’ve set myself up for success, all I have to do is follow through. That fear of failure pulls me ina. direction of productivity. My family knows that writing is a passion of mine. I’ve had dreams for years about becoming published. But unlike other aspiring writers, I don’t write. As my husband puts it, I put other things ahead of my writing. Not anymore. Now my desk is used for 3 things, writing, planning, and family finances.

The second part of my dread and fear is heart sinking. Little black girls are disappearing. I’m not as upset that this is happening as I am at the fact that it took this long for someone to notice. It’s not a new thing. Yes, human trafficking is coming to a town near you, but did you ever see on screen the number of women and girls, specifically black ones, being abducted. I bet you haven’t. One white child goes missing and the photos, the stories and the family are on every TV in every gym, doctor’s office, and waiting room around the country. When I hear about black women missing, it’s in clumps. They are lumped together into one pot as if they all knew each other and were abducted at the same time. That would be one hell of a coincdence. And I can tell you right now, five black women being taken together would have changed the story. Instead of an abduction, it would be a report on the beating of a lifetime.

But I’m making light of a very serious situation. I don’t pretend to be an expert. I haven’t even done all the research. I just know what I see from my small, limited corner of the worl. And I don’t see brown face represented enough in the news. And I dont mean there need to be more black people in or one the news. I mean have a fair representation of all news. I hate that when there are brown faces, victims are assailantless or “had it coming” and suspectes are guilty in the media before they ever stand trial. How many times did we hear what a “thug” Mike Brown was. He wasn’t the first. He definitely wasn’t the last. How many more will it take?


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