April Reflection: Hamilton and Heart

April showers bring May flowers. Or, as I call it, sprinkle a little bit of magic and watch it grow. 

Spring is finally here! Instead of icy sludge and freezing rain, we get humid air and sporadic downpours. It’s really loads of fun. But seriously. April was a good month for me. I hope yours went well, too. 

The love of my life scored tickets to Hamilton. Gotta get that one out of the way first. While I’ve known of Lin Manuel Miranda’s magic ever since he made silent e into a ninja and rapped about hard and soft g, i still had yet to see the musical of the decade. Seriously, nothing else has come close to the word of mouth this production received in quite some time. I’m no broadway aficionado–and I’m sure no one will believe me–but I knew Hamilton would be a hit. Anything written by someone who can make letters sound cool is a genius. 

🎥 The Electric Company Shock & Lin Silent E is a Ninja PBS KIDS GO …

🎥 Hard/Soft ‘g’ – Shock & Lin-Manuel Miranda (The Electric … – YouTube

I know I’m late with it, but I also love the Hamilton Mix Tape. Late as always. 

Following in the fad of lateness, I’m also late in recognizing my own awesomeness. I’m a great wife, mother, daughter, friend and writer. I have yet to prove it to myself, but that is the magic I plan to grow in the month of May. I will follow my passion of writing to end of the earth. I accept my greatness and all the opportunities that greatness will bring. 

Wish me luck!


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