Dear Insecurity,

Fu*k you.

April/May 2020

When I started this series, I wasn’t sure why I was doing it. I felt vulnerable and open, putting my literal emotions (See what I did there?) on display for anyone to see. I almost didn’t want to publish this one because it is so short and 50% profanity. But, you know what? It’s my truth. It was a truth I needed to hear this week.

I’m currently working with a new client that has me grinding harder than any has before, I’m taking a Cornell certificate course, and I just joined Nicole Walters’ $1K1Day course. This is all on top of Girl Scouts, home life, an ailing mother, planning the launch of a podcast, and just trying to breathe in the time of a pandemic. 

My husband has to constantly remind me that I am capable, that I “should kick [my] inner critic to the curb.” I’m constantly seeking validation from others (aunties online and off). I second guess my abilities even when someone is slapping me in the face with admiration of my skills. If that doesn’t scream insecurity, I don’t know what does. So, this week, I’ll say it again: FU*K YOU, INSECURITY. I don’t need you. God, people, and the universe have shown me that I am worthy of all the opportunities placed before me. I deserve the flowers being thrown at my feet and I claim them. I claim the small wins and the big victories. I embrace all the challenges that God has in store for me. I am ready. 

While I still don’t know who these letters were meant for, I know that past me has helped present me understand the journey I’ve been on so far. It has been a long, emotional road and I have no qualms about sharing it with you. I hope that my openness has helped at least one person seek and find clarity on their path to personal understanding. While I am in no way a professional therapist, I am a woman trying to carve out a spot in this mad, crazy world. I’m here with you. You are not alone. 

If you have any Emotional Letters to share, please send them to

Thank you for taking this journey with me.


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