Dear Success

I’m coming for you. I’m already gaining on your pal, productivity. We get better acquainted each day. I will make you both my bitch until I’m writing letters to achievement, then pride, then ego. I’m hunting you down. With limited time, I’ve had to get creative in getting closer to you, but I’m gaining. You and you friends will all be mine. You’ve been elusive for a while, just out of reach. I’ve had you before and I will again. Don’t let my lack of hunger in my idle time fool you. I still have bite. Ferocious hunger builds in my belly even now. Who knows what the day brings. I may have a small taste of you today. Some small glimpse of you is all I need to really sink my teeth in. And once I get ahold, I won’t be letting go.


Life really is cyclical. May of last year, I was clawing to keep my business afloat in the face of this pandemic we know so intimately now. Today, after taking more than four months off, I’m making sure I take advantage of every opportunity.

I feel this letter as much today as I did 10 months ago. My approaches are different now as my mental clarity has improved. Having a better understanding of my own journey, I can steer the path of productivity. Filling my plate with mentors, choosing clients that align with my values, and taking time to relax and reflect are just a few of the things I’ve learned since my first letter to Success. I’ve not lost that hunger. It only grows stronger.

If you have emotional letters you’d like to have featured, please feel free to share to

Thank you for continuing this journey with me.


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