Dear Guilt,

I want to let you go. I feel responsible for so many things, namely the three other people in this house. Ladybug, Emerald, and Hubby. Guilt, you sit on my back because I feel responsible as I’m the one buying the food. Yes, the “bad” food I buy that I’m checking each day because I know that we aren’t supposed to be eating so much of what I purchased. It’s like I’m their pusher then shaming them for consuming what I dealt them. I know this virus isn’t going away soon and I want them to have the comfort of the foods they want, but nutrition is vital right now. In Jung says that I have to keep up the good habits so the kids will learn. But what kid is going to choose veggies and yogurt dip over Cheez-Itz and yogurt raisins? I know I have to do better for them, for us. I know that nutrition and exercise are vitally important right n ow but you are knocking me out right now. I need some grace to just give my kids a frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, and Lunchables now and again. Guilt be damned.

June 2020
guilt: noun. a feeling of having done wrong or failed in an obligation.

It really is funny how life has come full circle. It hasn’t been quite a year yet, but I do find myself facing this conundrum yet again. This time, it is not Corona that is challenges me in the kitchen, now it is time. Time to do all the things and make a home-cooked meal. My husband is up at 5:30 in the morning to get himself then the kids ready and dropped off to school. I’m up at 6:30am to get myself ready and start my day. Hubby and I are in meetings and I’m doing client work until and after school pick up. And that’s if I don’t get caught up chatting with the other moms (which is always as I’m an extrovert and live for social engagement). We work right up until dinner time. Weekends are spent relaxing, catching up on work or reading, and working on Girl Scout meetings. What I need to find is a reliable, affordable, delicious, food service option for a family of four that caters to picky eaters. The few I’ve found have not been so great.

When it comes to dinner now, I’m glad to say that we’ve found a way to at least get back to sitting at the dining room table at the same time instead of in front of the TV or in our rooms. There have been many more home-cooked meals, conversations, games, and laughs. It’s a welcomed change I hope to nurture.


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