Shavon C. Evelyn

shavonI’m Shavon Evelyn mother, writer, school counselor, entrepreneur. I breathe life into ideas, dreams and goals, both my own and for those around me. I’m an organized person with a touch of OCD so I believe in having an action plan to accompany one’s dreams. When I have an idea for something I want in my life, I create a plan or checklist detailing the things I need to do to make that dream come to fruition. I teach my son and my students to do the same. I also recently launched a publishing company called 4 Train Media, LLC. The goal for my company is to build a community of writers and artists who collaborate and share resources with the goal of publishing pieces under the 4 Train Media brand name.

I’ve dreamed of being a bestselling author for as long as I can remember but  it’s a dream that requires a ton of effort. It wasn’t until I started attending writing workshops regularly, joined a writing group and most importantly carved out time in my day to write that I began finishing stories that had been lingering around for years in my brain and battered notebooks. I’m also constantly creating new stories to add to my collection.

When others approach me with dreams and ideas, I congratulate them and ask what’s your plan for making it happen? I wish for everyone to live the life of their dreams but every fulfilled dream comes with a dose of reality.