Shay Michelle

shay in brwn shawl

You want to know about little old me? I’m so touched. Well, let’s get started.

MY HERstory

I was born and raised in the midwest. Much of my family still resides in St. Louis, MO. Go Cards! (I say that in a hushed tone as my home is very Red Sox and Patriots biased. But they don’t mess with my St. Louis Blues.) What I learned growing up in St. Louis is that we’re not all the same. It just took me leaving St. Louis to understand the lesson.
I now have my own family: my husband and 2 kids (KidWonderD and Ladybug). We live in suburbia, a place 15-year-old me never saw herself. Life is good. Sometimes too good. Strange complaint, I know, but when you’re a writer, struggle can be your greatest asset.

Real talk.

This isn’t my first venture into blogging, but this is the first time I want to blog about and collaborate with others. A while ago, I looked down at my baby girl and realized the world wasn’t ready for a sword-toting, tutu-wearing, monster truck-loving, princess, parkour ninja. So I’m setting out to get the world ready for her and daughters like her. No disrespect to sons (including my own) but our daughters need leadership and recognition.

Why should I read your blog?

Like I said before, I’m a writer. I love the written word. The scratching of pen on paper is my lullaby. I also find comfort in reading, decorative planning, movies, and coloring. Much of this blog will be about the amazing women I come in contact with and my life in general. Come here to read about and discuss some amazing women. And to get to know me, of course.

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